About Shari

Shari Lash, M.A.

Shari Lash is as inspired by unearthing people’s stories as she is about harvesting the wisdom within them. With a sharp mind, a big heart, and a gift for metaphor, she leads groups with compassion and writes profiles that capture attention. As a former researcher and academic author, she knows how to gather information and encourage her clients to describe, and own, their strengths. As a certified Life Skills Educator she brings a unique approach to her leadership and program designs. Shari writes for a variety of creatives, academics, coaches, and entrepreneurs, both locally and internationally and her workshops and presentations are offered to groups and organizations across Toronto. Whether facilitating or working one-on-one, Shari’s intuition, sense of humour, and enthusiasm for learning informs all that she does.


When she’s not working on her business, Shari speaks for the United Way, hangs out with dogs, and is a kickass tree advocate.