“We don’t see ourselves objectively, and most of us don’t have a clear understanding of our real strengths and virtues. That’s why it’s so difficult to write your own professional biography. I struggled until I hired Shari Lash. Her thorough interview process is designed to reveal the real person behind the credentials and accomplishments. This is followed by collaborative editing and polishing until your bio reads and sounds like you. I now have a long bio for my website and two shorter versions for Facebook and LinkedIn, tying my whole professional profile together. I highly recommend Shari; her combination of insight and great writing skills will get you out of yourself and onto the page.”Leslie Boyd, Career and Executive Coach, Berkeley House Coaching and Consulting (www.berkeleyhousecoaching.com)



“Shari really helped breathe life into an article about why I started the Entrepreneurial Women’s Cafe. She was able to capture who I am and what I really wanted to convey about this awesome group of fabulous women.” Paulette Durepos, Owner, CafeLifestyle (www.cafelifestyle.rocks)



“I realized I was too close to the subject matter when it came to writing my own bio, so I asked Shari for help. Her ability to sift through my life story and highlight a narrative that reflects who I am was so helpful. Now, I am more confident with marketing myself and my business. Working with Shari was fun and easy – do it!” Gail Fullarton, Financial Advisor, The Investors Group, Toronto



“Shari is a brilliant wordsmith! When I haven’t quite got the words, she always helps me find them. She is able to edit my work while also maintaining my voice and essence. I am grateful for her adaptability and with how fast and efficient she is.” – Jackie Shawn, Award Winning Make-up Artist



Workshops and Wisdom Circles
In the Community


“Shari’s workshops are extremely engaging, as is her creative approach with program exercises. Her strong sense of intuition and support set the tone for an experience that had a profound effect on me.” – Angela, Workshop Participant



“The sharing of our stories helped each of us recognize our strengths and that our experience is valuable learning for ourselves and others.” – Tammy, Workshop Participant



“I really appreciated the discoveries made during the workshop (about myself & my process) but particularly having the opportunity to really listen to the other women in the group share their discoveries. There was a definite consensus of ‘you are not alone’ – a helpful, strengthening reminder!”  – Heather, Workshop participant.



Workshops in Organizations

Following Shari’s workshop, staff were feeling more relaxed regarding change and had a better understanding of how it not only affected themselves, but the entire team including the incoming supervisor. Staff were able to open up about how they were feeling in a non-judgmental environment.”
– Lynette Annaert, Program Supervisor, Community Living Toronto, Scarborough Region



“Shari’s transitions workshops are a meaningful complement to the support services we provide to clients. It has become a valuable resource for them, providing insight into how they respond to big life changes while also offering practical strategies on how to manage them. Clients always leave feeling energized, hopeful, connected, and empowered!”
– Iona Frost, Marketing/Outreach Coordinator, Times Change Women’s Employment Services, Toronto



Individual Coaching

“I met with Shari for support around being able to clarify my next steps to transition into a new career. She asked questions to help me focus on the skills I already have and how they may be applied to my new choice. We identified distinct principal areas to concentrate my attention on and created a simple to follow plan that provided real insight.

Working with Shari was a real pleasure. She was personable, honest, responsive, and provided me with the exact support I needed.”  — Debra Pereira