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Loretta Scott Jones, DM, MBA, APR
Public Relations Executive and Academic Scholar
About Page

As an Executive and a Scholar, Loretta embodies the philosophy that anything is possible. Whether she’s serving corporations and businesses, studying multigenerational dynamics in the workplace, or giving back to her community, she always aspires to making a meaningful impact.


Loretta is an award-winning Public Affairs Executive, with 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies, global marketing agencies and national non-profit organizations. She has been responsible for all levels of strategic communications, issues management, alliance development, corporate giving, government affairs, and investor relations.


Loretta’s research motivation is to illuminate the changing landscape of the multi-generational workplace. Her own career experience of coaching leaders and mentoring emerging leaders practically informs her scholarship. While working full time, Candace earned her Doctorate of Management and began conducting empirical and qualitative research on the factors contributing to the success of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y professionals. She created the Many Generations at Work Study, a collection of research designed to investigate the opportunities presented in the diverse tapestry of the five-generation workplace. Loretta is now an emerging thought leader on a subject that is gaining prominence as employers strive to be inclusive and stay relevant in the 21st century.


Civically-minded, Loretta is involved as a leadership volunteer with many professional, academic, cultural, and volunteer organizations. Among them are The American Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Public Affairs Society of America, The Michigan Community and Technical College Foundation, and The National Women’s Network. In addition, she regularly mentors women on leadership and career development.


Looking ahead, Loretta is about to publish her first book for Gen X and Gen Y women professionals and will soon embark on additional research studies at the postdoctoral level.


In whatever project she focuses on, Loretta brings her extensive academic background with her. In addition to having a Doctor of Management degree from The University of Maryland, she also has an MBA from Emery University and a BA from the University of Michigan. Her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), positions her among only 5% in America with this designation.


Loretta’s wide-ranging interests and curiosity reach into her personal life as well. Born in the south and raised in the Midwest, Loretta has lived in almost every corner of the U.S., settling in Atlanta with her husband and two children.


When she isn’t working, volunteering, or researching, she loves to travel the world with her family to learn about other cultures and their culinary expertise

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Gail Fullarton, Financial Advisor
About Page


When it comes to giving financial advice, Gail Fullarton has been called a navigator, an interpreter, a translator, a weight lifter, and even a sleep provider. She is also known for her baking. So don’t be surprised if a plate of tempting cupcakes awaits you on your first consultation. Gail’s pragmatic attention to detail paired with her nurturing sensibilities are what set her apart from her peers. The cupcakes are not only delicious but also symbolic of her kitchen table approach to financial stability and overall philosophy of softening the stress associated with money.


Before joining Investors Group, Gail enjoyed a successful career in education, training, and management that spanned nearly 20 years and three continents. Her work ranged from teaching math to disadvantaged youth in London’s inner-city schools to training art educators in El Salvador and mentoring young women in Cairo on how to be all round higher achievers. In Toronto, Gail focused her talents on business, managing a large sales team for an international interior design firm.


Gail has always been inspired by planning ahead and empowering others. She learned from an early age that confidence comes with knowledge, careful planning, and by being authentic. In learning about her clients’ financial needs and goals, Gail has the privilege of helping them realize they can achieve what they want while also staying true to themselves.


Gail other passion is organizing the Pink Portfolio, a group that brings women together around a variety of themes so they can learn, network, have fun, and of course, eat cupcakes!

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Dr. Patricia Haynes
Veterinary Surgeon, Sidney Australia
Speaker’s Introduction (short)


Dr. Patricia Haynes is the owner and Managing Director of the Animal Emergency Service in Sidney. She is a veterinary surgeon, a trainer and mentor to new doctors, a public educator, and a leader in the field of urgent care for animals. In both her work and personal life, Dr. Haynes finds ways to nourish her commitment to finding solutions to problems, her capacity for empathy, and her love of fitness and adventure. (73 words)


Blog Author Bio

Dr. Patricia Haynes believes that our relationships with animals are amongst the most precious in the human experience. As an emergency surgeon and owner of the Animal Emergency Service in Sidney, she is dedicated to providing the highest standard of medical treatment for all pets at all hours. (48 words)


Paolo Bandera
Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Brooklyn, NY
Feature Sheet

Paolo Bandera’s mother often lamented that her pots and pans had dents and holes because her son used whatever means necessary to express his passion for making music. Born in Honduras, one of eight children, Paolo grew up in Brooklyn where he absorbed the many cultures and sounds that were part of his everyday life. Through singing, rapping, songwriting, recording, arranging, and playing instruments, he continues to express himself in ways that connect him to others and to the larger world. When he landed his first commercial placement for TELUS in 2008, his career path opened up. Since then he has written and produced music for dozens of major advertising campaigns, hundreds of network and cable television shows, and four feature films (see abbreviated list of credits attached). Paolo has proven himself to be a multi-talented and versatile artist, easily adapting to clients’ parameters as he draws from a diverse palette of styles and genres. He’s continually learning and responding to what’s needed on any given project, always challenging himself to capture just the right sound. Because he delivers quality work to tight deadlines, clients ask for him again and again.


Paolo now lives in Miami with his partner, Angela, also a talented singer, songwriter and collaborator. Together with their dog, Diego, they enjoy making music and running their company, Cloud Nine Entertainment. (228 words)


Daniel Koye
Broadway Hairstylist. New York

About  Page


Even if you’ve only just met Daniel Koye, you’ll feel like you’ve known him for a hundred years. That’s why celebrities ask to work with him again and again. His signature line of hair products is another way he adds a little sparkle to everything, and everyone, he touches. Whether he’s styling Vanessa Williams for her role in Trip to Bountiful or creating his first can of hairspray for Heidi Klum, he intuitively knows what’s needed in any given circumstance and enthusiastically seizes the moment.


At the start of Daniel’s Broadway career, he worked on productions of Spring Awakening, Chicago, and Jersey Boys. His first full-time hair gig was on Patti Lupone’s Gypsy, followed by a production of Hair both in New York and then in London. When Heidi Klum asked Daniel to design a wig for one of her notorious Halloween costumes, D-Koye the hairspray was born. Initially intended as a fun contribution to her gift bag, the rhinestone-studded can became his staple beauty item.


From Hair, Daniel began working on Follies with Bernadette Peters, where he created a smoothing cream just for her. The opportunities kept coming and his reputation grew. While working on his product line, Daniel became the New York hairstylist for Elaine Paige and had increasing requests from other film, stage, and television celebrities. From Follies, he was hired on Leap of Faith, and then became Hair Supervisor for The Heiress with Jessica Chastain, and Trip to Bountiful, where he met Vanessa Williams, Cicely Tyson, and Cuba Gooding Jr. He’s since styled wigs for Big Fish, Cinderella with Carly Rae Jepsen, and After Midnight with Fantasia Barrino and Patti Labelle. In between stage shows, Daniel was hair product sponsor of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. He then went on to Love Letters with Carol Burnett, Brian Dennehy, Candice Bergen, and Alan Alda. As Daniel’s credit list grew, so did demand for his artistry and products. Stars like Jeff Goldblum, Susan Lucci, Blair Underwood, Shirley Bassey, Eve Plumb, Joyce DeWitt, and Carol Channing were among those who sought him out and put their trust in him.


Many of the celebrities he worked with encouraged Daniel to develop and manufacture his product line. His shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, and smoothing creams were improving the condition of their frequently styled and restyled hair, and prevented flakes and damaging. They also loved the fragrance, ingredients, and high-quality results. Now that D-Koye — The Product is appealing to a wider audience, Daniel can barely keep up with the demand.


So, what’s Daniel’s secret to his success? He really cares and people know it. As a former stage performer, he fully understands that being in the spotlight is not just about looking good. It’s vulnerable, even for the most seasoned performers. There’s an intimacy attached to working with someone’s hair and that requires being fully present for whoever is sitting in his chair. Whether they are seen by one or by tens of thousands, he intuitively knows what’s needed for each person to feel comfortable, confident, and ready to role.


Daniel is also dedicated to coming out from behind the stage to share his knowledge with others. In his spare time, he teaches theater students about wigs and how hairstyling techniques can transform the look of any character. In 2007, he wrote The Broadway Magic Workbook, which outlines everything an actor should know as they prepare to work with a hair-and-make-up artist. The second edition of this book is already in the works.


Since childhood, Daniel always dreamed of being on Broadway. His success has taught him that anything is possible if you focus on the positive and think outside your comfort zone. He loves the theatre because it’s a safe space where people gather with a common purpose, put on a show, and become a family in the process. Even though he’s touched a lot of famous heads, he believes that everyone is a star. This philosophy extends to all the people who use the products he’s created.  Not only does he put years of experience into each D-Koye bottle, he ensures that everyone can have vibrant and healthy hair — maybe even enjoying a little sparkle along the way. (650 words)




Erna Toufar (middle) with salesladies Lucy and Grace in 1978

A Sewing Machine with a Remarkable

Erna Karpel was born in Vienna on October 27th, 1908, the eldest of four children. As a child she worked in her family’s textile shop serving customers and stocking shelves. When her father passed way, her mother Yohanna took over running the store while also raising four children. Erna was the eldest at 13 and Willi, the youngest, was less than a year old. While Erna had always dreamed of becoming a pharmacist, circumstances set her on a completely different path.


By the time she was 17, Erna opened her own business, selling, among other things, wool and needlepoint pictures she made herself. She bought a Singer sewing machine in 1925. It became a source of pride and an indispensible tool that ensured a reliable source of income.


When Hitler came to Austria in 1938, her family’s troubles began. Erna’s husband, Fritz, who was the manager of a large shoe factory, lost his job because he was Jewish. Later that same year the couple fled Austria, on Kristallnacht, with their two-year old daughter Lily, leaving everything they owned behind. Everything except for the sewing machine. Erna insisted on taking it as they boarded a train bound for Italy and an uncertain future. Shortly after arriving, they fled Italy to Shanghai, China – the only destination that allowed Jewish refugees to enter the country without a visa. Erna’s sewing machine accompanied them assuring they would have a source of income. In Shanghai, Erna helped to support her family by teaching needlepoint to Chinese girls at a convent run by Franciscan nuns. The family lived in China, with many other Jewish refugees, for nearly 10 years.


In 1948, when the Communist government under Mao Tse Tung took over Shanghai, it was once again time to move on. The family boarded an American ship to San Francisco and then a train to Toronto. This sewing machine took the journey with them. After arriving Erna and Fritz opened a grocery store on Eglinton Avenue.


Less than a year after her son, Ronnie was born, Erna’s husband Fritz passed away. With her teenaged daughter, Lily, helping out, she started another business, Lily-Anne Millinery, where she sold women’s lingerie and hats on St. Clair Ave W. That is where the sewing machine found its new home. Erna’s two long time employees, Grace and Lucy, often used the machine for mending and altering customers’ garments. Erna passed away in 1994 at which time her daughter, Lily took over the business, selling it in 1996. The machine was left in the basement of the building, out of sight for 12 years, until it was found and restored by Connie Lamanna of Ontario Fashion Textiles just two doors away. It is now on permanent display at the store, preserving this important part of the Toufar family’s history.



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